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A miracle

 Something incredible happened to me years ago and I shared it with my church brothers and sisters during a Facebook Live session, a Sunday service by Bishop Wade McRae at Union Cathedral Baptist Church in Valdosta, Georgia.

Years ago I was homeless. This was 2018. I lived in Valdosta, Georgia. Although I was homeless, I still got a Social Security Check. So one day I caught and Greyhound bus and went to Virginia. To make a long story short I ended up in Richmond, Virginia. I was still homeless.

One day I was sitting outside at Publix on Laburnum Avenue at White Oaks mall. I was upset and I looked into the sky and yelled at God.  I said, "You help people that don't believe in you and you let Christians suffer. You let your son die on the Cross. You are not Perfect!" 

I started crying and I left and was walking on Laburnum Ave. heading towards Williamsburg Road. I yelled and screaming as I cried, "He plays Games. He plays games with people's lives." As I continued to walk I screamed, "If there is anyone over Him, save me from him." I cried and continued down Laburnum Avenue.

Then I saw a large face in the clouds. Also other clouds were shaped like Greek Gods or Angels. I remember smashing my Obama phone so I would not take pictures, but I wish I would have because no one would believe me. 

I got on my knees and and said, "There is only one True God."

I never told anyone this until today.  I am sharing this today in the hopes it would help people. Not to lift myself up but to uplift God. God / Jesus is real and no matter who you are and what you are going through he is there watching over you. God is REAL. The Bible is real. Read it and believe it. 

When I created this site The Promise Online Baptist Church I wanted to be a preacher. Without going to school for it and the stuff that have happened in my life, I took a step back and said, "I don't think people would accept the word from me."

Seeing God makes me think about what I'm doing. I don't have to be a preacher to witness and teach the word. I will pray and on this and decide what to do. So if I share the word with you just understand that God and Jesus words will speak to you in itself.  As much of a wretch I am, like the saying says If the Christians don't speak the word, the rocks will cry out.


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Hello, My name is Brother Derrick W. Jackson and I am ecstatic and proud to show you my social media church / Online Church.  I am a new teacher of the word(Please note I have not been ordained nor do I have a minister's license but I have answered the call to spread the word) I am not new to the church and worshipping Jesus Christ.  I'm his human clay that he is molding every day, in other words I'm not perfect and have made a lot of mistakes that I do not want others to repeat. As the fires burn in California we pray for the victims.  Life shows us all the time that we are not always in control and bad things happen to good people.  A lot of times we scream out, "WHY GOD!!!!"  Several months ago I broke down on Labernum Avenue in Richmond, Virginia screaming, "He plays games with peoples lives!!"  God is not like man and remember he loves you unconditionally. And life does not turn out as we expect it but we know  "his will be done".

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