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Staying Focused

  The Way, The Truth, The Life by Derrick W. Jackson I created a Quick Study guide called The Way, The Truth, The Life back in 2020. Today as I looked over it, I found my mind wandering on different thoughts. I was finding it hard to focus. I know that I have to stay Focused.  I'm always thinking about my past. I've had a hard time getting over what I lost: a job, a house, a car, my good name. I messed up so bad legally that it's very difficult to come back from it. I ask my self why am I so upset all the time? God has provided for me again and again. At one point I was homeless. I now and renting a room from a friend.  On top of all that I have mental and physical disabilities. I worry about money but I got Social Security. I tell myself that I don't want to be dependent on it. What will happen if it gets cut. I will be up the creek then. The story of Noah tells us that we must be ready for a flood that may come in our life. Build our ark so we can be safe and survive.

A miracle

 Something incredible happened to me years ago and I shared it with my church brothers and sisters during a Facebook Live session, a Sunday service by Bishop Wade McRae at Union Cathedral Baptist Church in Valdosta, Georgia. Years ago I was homeless. This was 2018. I lived in Valdosta, Georgia. Although I was homeless, I still got a Social Security Check. So one day I caught and Greyhound bus and went to Virginia. To make a long story short I ended up in Richmond, Virginia. I was still homeless. One day I was sitting outside at Publix on Laburnum Avenue at White Oaks mall. I was upset and I looked into the sky and yelled at God.  I said, "You help people that don't believe in you and you let Christians suffer. You let your son die on the Cross. You are not Perfect!"  I started crying and I left and was walking on Laburnum Ave. heading towards Williamsburg Road. I yelled and screaming as I cried, "He plays Games. He plays games with people's lives." As I cont

Riots in Minneapolis

We have witnessed another killing of a black man at the hands of the police.  His name was George Floyd and he was arrested for using a counterfeit $20 allegedly at a store.  Police had detained him and he died after an officer  had him on the ground and handcuffed and pressed his knee into Floyd's neck for over 8 minutes.  Floyd was heard in the video telling the officer he could not breathe several times then calling for his mother. Days afterward people mostly black gathered in front of the third precinct which was later burned to the ground. I know this makes us in the Black Community upset, disappointed, and sad but we cannot be violent by no means.  We must remember that this officer is not all police.  Most police dedicated their lives to protecting the community. This death should not have happened and is unexcusable.

Good Shepard Baptist - Enduring Hardship by Rev. Brown - 11/10/19

Click here to listen to the Sermon Enduring Hardship   - This sermon is about Job and what he had to endure when he was tested.  Review Job 23:1-12.  Today Good Shepard Baptist Church on N. 28th Street in North Churchill had a special Veteran's Day program.  Click the link to enjoy Minister Brown's sermon.

Today's Prayer 7/5/19

Lord I thank you for allowing me to see a new day. You are always there for me and right on time. I ask that you watch over me and my family. I thank you for the home that I am in. And the women that run this program. Lord I pray for those in California which was just hit by an earthquake. Also I pray for those migrants in the detention centers. Lord please lead our nation during these tough times. These and other blessing I pray. Amen