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Staying Focused

  The Way, The Truth, The Life by Derrick W. Jackson  (click on bible study lesson) I created a Quick Study guide called The Way, The Truth, The Life back in 2020. Today as I looked over it, I found my mind wandering on different thoughts. I was finding it hard to focus. I know that I have to stay Focused.  I'm always thinking about my past. I've had a hard time getting over what I lost: a job, a house, a car, my good name. I messed up so bad legally that it's very difficult to come back from it. I ask my self why am I so upset all the time? God has provided for me again and again. At one point I was homeless. I now and renting a room from a friend.  On top of all that I have mental and physical disabilities. I worry about money but I got Social Security. I tell myself that I don't want to be dependent on it. What will happen if it gets cut. I will be up the creek then. The story of Noah tells us that we must be ready for a flood that may come in our life. Build our ark