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Out With The Old by Reverend Sharon Banks

This is the Sermon today at Good Shepard Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia in North Church Hill. Out With The Old by Rev. Sharon Banks click to listen Good Shepard Baptist Church Choir Solo - Sweet Little Jesus Boy

What Are You Thankful For by Derrick W. Jackson

What Are You Thankful For - click here for sermon .

Working on Quentin Issue 3 - The Field Trip

I am currently working on Quentin Issue 3 - The Field Trip.  This comic is about a young boy who is a Christian and how he deals with growing up.

Evengelist Renee Sellars - Prayer Line, A Christmas Prayer (Foxy 97.5 FM)

Renee Sellars - Christmas Prayer   - Click link to listen

Merry Christmas Everyone

I pray everyone have a happy and SAFE Christmas with your family and friends. Also say a prayer for our first responders and U.S. Military.

Jesus and Origins of Christianity

Every Christian should collect the National Geographic Christian publications.  This one is really good for historical reference.

Home by Stephanie Mills - There's no Place Like Home... There's No Place like Home

Someone to Love (Live) - Jon B.

Today is a nostalgia day for me.

I Can't Wait another Minute - Hi Five - The Classics are the Best

I Can't Wait Another Minute.

Tevin Campbell - One Song

I play Tevin Campbell's greatest hits often.  Here is One Song.

Be Bigger than Them

I just walked down the street to put a letter for my niece in the Post Office mailbox across from Richmond Community Hospital. Afterwards I walked up to Nine Mile road to get some sodas. As I paid I said hi to the cashier and he said nothing back but when some women walked in he spoke to them unlike what he did when I walked in. That is my last time going to that store. As I walked back the firetruck was backing into the first station. I waved at one of the fireman -- No response. RUDE. I guess they are not part of the community they are just in the community. We are in the south have they forgotten about Southern Hospitality. My parents drilled that into me. But hey what do you expect in 2018.

My Room

Joan of Arc

Put the Guns Down

Tanela Mann picture by Derrick W. Jackson

Matthew the Tax Collector - A Picture from the movie, Son of God

An Original - Caesar Would not be Pleased

Aaliyah Age of Angels, A graphic bio by Derrick W. Jackson

Aaliyah Age of Angels - click to view

The Way, The Truth, The Light by Derrick W. Jackson

The Way, The Truth, The Life - click to view

Bishop J.P. Miller - Preparation (Foxy 97.5 FM)

Bishop J. P. Miller - Preparation - click to listen

Vision Ministries - The Living Water (Foxy 97.5 FM)

Vision Ministries - The Living Water from the Rock  click

Quentin by Derrick W. Jackson - Issue 1 (Video)

Quentin By Derrick Jackson (Animated Gif)

Note: If it is too small to read the words using Chrome click the 3 vertical dots for more options and ZOOM out.

Quentin by Derrick W. Jackson - Issue 1 (PDF)

Quentin by Derrick W. Jackson Issue 1  click

Quentin 1 (Animated Gif) by Derrick W. Jackson

Quentin asks, "Mom does God accept texts?"

Today's Scripture: John 3:16

Today's Animated Daily Scripture: John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Evangelist Renee Sellars (The Upper Room) - Random Act of Kindness (Foxy 97.5 FM)

Click to listen to Evangelist Renee Sellars - Random acts of kindness From the Sermon All Spirit filled Believers are to be clothed in kindness.  Are you known for demonstrating kindness (1) A Christian must be Kind (2) Are we doing what we can to meet needs of the people Refer to scriptures: I Timothy 5:1-8, Matthew 7:12, Luke 10:25 - 37,  Ephesians 2:6-7, Titus 3:4-5, and Romans 11:22


I was at the doctor's office when I got a call from Mr. Warren Lee, the General Manager at Foxy 97.5 FM.  He called to touch base with me to see what I was trying to do.  This has motivated me to keep at it and not give up on my goal to create an online church community.  Yes I am a Baptist but this site is for all Christian Denominations to fellowship and uplift God.  So thank you so much Mr. Lee for today's inspiration.

Movie Tuesday: Fireproof starring Kirk Cameron

Count your Blessings not Your Mistakes

I'm guilty of thinking about all the mistakes I've made in my life.  This caused me to be depressed for a long time.  First of all to be alive is paradise in itself.   Everyday the sun rises we have another chance to make things right, to see our loved ones, and work towards our goals.  I'm an artist and a writer. Genesis 49:25  because of your father’s God, who helps you, because of the Almighty, who blesses you with  blessings  of the skies above,  blessings  of the deep springs below,  blessings  of the breast and womb. Just like the sun shining everyday, God is always there for the good and bad times.  See we can count on the sun to rise everyday right.  It is a law of nature.  God / Jesus is eternal and he never forgets us this is astounding and he loves us unconditionally. When you do think of your mistakes, don't feel that you don't have a way forward.  You might have to take a different path to reach your goal.  The point that I am trying to make i

Joyce Meyers Don't Hate Your Life (Sermon)

Sway's Universe - Interview Wesley Snipes

Wesley talks about New Jack City, Mo Betta Blues, Talon of God and Working or Not Working with Denzel Washington

Jaden Smith - I Feel Like I'm Goku

Jaden Smith got my attention with After Earth. This smash video I feel Like I'm Goku is blowing the competition away. Yes I'm a Christian but I do listen to rap.

The Looks of Derrick W. Jackson

The Xstablishment

I created the Xstablishment in 2013 as an outlet for my Art, Writing, and Apps. Art and writing have kept me going during my "darkest hours".

My Total Year to Date Book Earnings on Amazon (roughly $5,000)

I admit I was upset yesterday because my freelancing has not kicked off like I'd hope. Then I looked at my earnings as a writer and said to myself why are you upset. I'll put freelancing second to my writing.