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Female Baptist Preachers

 Recently the Southern Baptists had a convention where their members voted to ban two churches that had female preachers. I believe that there is nothing wrong with a woman being a preacher. Long ago women did not have the same rights as men. Times have changed and of course they are our equals. So what is the problem? What do they fear? Not so long ago, African Americans did not have the same rights as White Americans. Even after slavery and Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. Image if today our people were barred from being preachers. Yes I am a Baptist and yes I believe women have the God given rights to preach the word. If you look at a lot of churches, they have more women than men anyway.

Keep on Keeping on

For a minute, I wanted to quit. This dream of an online church. I can't. It's my calling.  The Promise Online Baptist Church.  I've gotta keep pressing on. I'm inspired by Pastor Sherman Anderson of the Bread Of Life Temple church which is down the street from me. He has only a few members. I would say less than 5 if you include me. The church is beautiful inside and out. All I can say is he shouldn't quit like I shouldn't quit.