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My Kirk Franklin Playlist

Listen to the Inspiring music of Kirk Franklin

Jesus by Kirk Franklin

 Kirk Franklin is my favorite Gospel artist. Take a listen to "Jesus". I love the way this song starts

Back To It

  It's been about seven months since I made a post on this website. I've done everything but witness.  Last night I listened to Kirk Franklin's music, and I was really inspired. Prior  I had started a blog called Rap Constellations, where I planned to document the rap game.   I love Rap, and many have inspired me, but my plan is to work on this blog. I started this blog that you are reading now in 2018. My goal is to keep working on it. I am not a preacher, but you don't have to be ordained to witness and teach God's word.  I have to pace myself.  That said, I still plan to work on my app development as well. I thank Jesus for everything that he has done in my life. I need him, and I love him.  He has always been there for me. He's gotten me out of the worst situations in my life.  I need Jesus and exalt him and praise him for his grace and mercy. Thanks for taking the time to view this blog.