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(Click to read books in PDF format) - Although my background is Computer Science I have drawn and written most of my life.  I let you read my works for free but Art is not free.  It takes money to keep this site going so please buy my books (Books 2 menu) and keep this site afloat.

4Leaf Clover, The Derrick W. Jackson Library - Christian Only

The leaves of the 4 Leaf Clover symbolize, Hope, Faith, Love, and Luck.

Dedicated to my family and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

Note, while these books in this Library are free, they are not Public Domain and can not be added to other art collections or sold without the permission of Derrick W. Jackson.  I want to teach the youth.  I don't want them to make the same mistakes I did.  Read my books and learn how to write and to draw and to work for yourself.  You've got a GIFT USE IT!!!!!

Tips 1. Draw what you like 2. Do not let anyone strip you of your confidence and gifts 3. You've got talent. Use it and work at it everyday 4. Learn from other artists and writers. 5. Practice Practice Practice. True saying: Practice makes perfect 6. Know what you want to do in life and work towards that goal everyday 7. Learn from your mistakes as well as mistakes of others 8. You may go astray but don't dwell on it.  Put your mistakes behind you and keep marching forward.

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1. The Way, The Truth, The Light - An illustrated bible stories book covers from Jesus's birth to his Resurrection

2.  Definitive - A journal by Derrick W. Jackson book 2

3. I-Witness - An illustrated bible stories book covers from Jesus's birth to his Resurrection

4. The Same Gang - A Christian book about two rival gang members living in the same group home

5. Thru The Glass - The autobiography of Derrick W. Jackson

6. Resume - The resume of Derrick W. Jackson

7. Integrity 3 - A graphic Novel about a hero named Integrity book 3

8. The Theban Legion - Short short story of the 6, 666 christian Theban, Roman legion martyred for Christ

9. Queen Elizabeth II - Holy Illustrated Bible

10.  Jesus Warrior King - a bible stories book

11. The Head - Short story about Martin Luther King - Entry Ebony's Gertrude Johnson Short Story Contest

12. How to Beat Microsoft - Outline

13. In Black and White - My letter to Pope Francis

14. I am the Light of the World -Scripture and The Lord's Prayer in Spanish

15. Up Yonder - About a young Christian, "saved", teen - Entry Ebony's Gertrude Johnson Short Story Contest

16. Integrity Issue 2 

17. Queen Elizabeth Holy Illustrated Bible book 2

18. Quentin - Mom, Does God Accept Texts? - a children's book about a young, Black, Christian Child. 4 Issues included.

19. Faces of The Civil Rights Movement (PDF)- leaders of the American Civil Rights Movement.

20. Faces of The Civil Rights Movement (Video) - People Involved with the Civil Rights Movement

21. Queen Elizabeth II Holy Illustrated Bible Original Draft 

22. Jesus Christ The Messiah - Bible verses in Matthew from Jesus's Birth to Resurrection

23. The Derrick W. Jackson Art Portfolio 2019 - art by Derrick W. Jackson, creator of the Feather Arts, a Kick butt Action Star Style.

24. Quick Study - The Way, The Truth, The Life 

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Learn from my mistakes. Take what I am teaching and GO LEGEND.  GO BEYOND WHAT I HAVE REACHED!!!!


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