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Bro. Derrick W. Jackson, El Arma Desconocido, an African American artist, has a BS and MS in Computer Science and is a former  Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) employee.  He was educated Undergrad and Grad by the U.S. Military.  He also worked for Voicecom in Buckhead near Atlanta, Georgia.  He was born and raised in Valdosta, Georgia.  He is currently a freelance Illustrator with a focus on T-shirt Design, Posters, Graphic Novels, and Illustrated Bibles(Stories). Jackson is also an author who has self published several books.  He is an uncredited co-writer of 
The Matrix. Also he created THINK magazine from which Google now has Think with Google.  Jackson notes the dirty business of Hollywood how big named directors harass and rape women.  Weinstein was stripped of all his Oscars while rampant copyright infringement goes unenforced.  Jackon also conceived of Kicks a new way to design shoes however Nissan infringed on that name and trademark Kicks to use for a new car.  Jackson created a cool hairstyle called the Marker Due for men, but women have used it with silver hair or silver/gray braids.  Although this isn't knew using basic animation for hand drawn pictures to include letters.  He has done so much that is why he calls himself El Arma Desconocido which means The Weapon Unknown in Spanish.

  Jackson got "saved" at a young age.  He is a baptist and founder of The Promise Online Baptist Church. He is not ordained nor does he have a minister's license and is not a minister.  His goal with this site is to create an online Christian Community.  He currently lives in Richmond, Virginia.

You can reach him at 804-533-9904 or email


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Hello, My name is Brother Derrick W. Jackson and I am ecstatic and proud to show you my social media church / Online Church.  While I am a new Minister (Please note I have not been ordained nor do I have a minister's license but I have answered the call to spread the word) I am not new to the church and worshipping Jesus Christ.  I'm his human clay that he is molding every day, in other words I'm not perfect and have made a lot of mistakes that I do not want others to repeat. As the fires burn in California we pray for the victims.  Life shows us all the time that we are not always in control and bad things happen to good people.  A lot of times we scream out, "WHY GOD!!!!"  Several months ago I broke down on Labernum Avenue in Richmond, Virginia screaming, "He plays games with peoples lives!!"  God is not like man and remember he loves you unconditionally. And life does not turn out as we expect it but we know  "his will be done". Wi